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Portrait Adrienne Art

Adrienne Art


This is my first self-portrait taken with a shutter button, the one that finally triggered everything, which made me want to work later on pictures of me taken by either the photographer or by myself in self-portrait.
I'm not narcissistic but I think when you love the image, either being a photographer, the easiest way is to take as a model to work around, and move on. This is what I wanted to do. I know, I think my body and its expression better than anyone else and put it under the light is a game that amuses me.
I make me so voluntarily my own muse. It is not easy to dare, to put me half naked, in both directions. But first time, I suggest a work around Adrienne in collaboration with another photographer, which is easier for me.

Works of art in position

10 in a living room
2 in a bedroom

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