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Portrait Alain Marie

Alain Marie


Born in L'Orne in 1956, Alain Marie was a student at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris from 81 to 88. After four years in the Léonardo CREMONINI workshop, his training is completed by participating in painting and fresco workshops; he obtained the plastic art diploma with the mention "Very good".

Alain Marie questions the reality that surrounds him, dissects it and captures it on his canvases. The painter always starts by applying different colours to the canvas. Shapes, colourful combinations appear. They then lead to closer links with the surrounding reality. It is at this moment that the artist holds his idea, that the "subject" is born, around this starting point the canvas is organized. Yet from this first canvas, the painter will often keep only a few things; a still life in a corner, a face, a harmony of colors... The rest can be taken up, modified, or even hidden under another image, always gleaned from the artist's environment. Fragments of reality" can thus be juxtaposed on the same canvas, creating a feeling of strangeness, amplified by confusing mirror effects.

Marie-Ange LAVOIX Director of the Cultural Centre of Sucy-en-Brie

Works of art in position

L'écharppe jaune in a living room
L'attente in a bedroom

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