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Portrait Alain Tarlet Gauteur

Alain Tarlet Gauteur


Alain Tarlet-Gauteur was born in Paris in 1944. From the year 2001, he is retired. His need for artistic creation, too long contained, becomes irrepressible. Painting, sculpture, writing, photography, music ... Everything goes. In 2013, he opened a cultural center in Mandres les Roses. The same year, he published "Les fèves de Calabar", his first novel. In 2014, he produced "Le cinéma, la mort, la folie et quelques verres de sangria" a surprising piece he wrote in tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini. The Street, Cultural Center, Café-Theater, Gallery, permanently exposes his paintings and sculptures. In 2018, he finished a book of photographs, "Le Barton Studio" (to be published in December), and he finally decided to exhibit some photos at the Concorde Art Gallery in Paris. An artistic test with a public of informed amateurs and a confrontation with the critics who are the apparatchiks of the art dealers. A ridiculous confrontation but necessary to the writing, in progress, of his second novel "Déconfiture pour un cochon".

Works of art in position

Punk 1 in a living room
Girl 2 in a bedroom

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