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Portrait Alex Sacha

Alex Sacha

Painter and drawer

Alex Sacha, Ukrainian graphic artist and tattoo artist was born in Kryvyi Rig, Ukraine in 1972. He graduated in 1992 from the Kharkov School of Fine Arts. Since 1997, he lives and works in France. In his drawings, Alex Sacha turns to philosophical reflections and to the nature of human consciousness in particular. The fantastic chimeras found in his dreams take shape on the paper, treated with Indian ink. In this way, by creating his own fantasy world, he leaves the vanity and routine of this world and finds salvation and refuge in his creativity. In his world, one finds the means to free oneself from all limits by getting closer to the core of the human soul.

Works of art in position

Dessin 9 in a living room
Peinture 4 in a bedroom

His gallery :

Paintings and drawingss

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