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Portrait Arthur Gourdin

Arthur Gourdin


Arthur Gourdin is a French serigraph artist, born in 1983 in Brest. For ten years he lives abroad (Berlin, Montreal, Bogotá) where he develops various collective artistic projects, in which the technique of serigraphy returns recurrently. In 2013, when he returned to France, he moved to Paris. Living and working in squat, he co-founded the PPP workshop, in which he deepened his silkscreening know-how on textile, for the benefit of a very large clientele. Through his project AURA, Arthur Gourdin chooses to aestheticize screen printing, to transcribe "what we do not see and emanates from the body" by working on the alteration of the fabric by bleach. The artist then takes the pseudonym B_l_each. The continuous practice of this process leads him, little by little, to create a series around imprint, femininity, sensuality and chiaroscuro. Arthur Gourdin continues to print large formats dealing more broadly with sexuality, always through a logic of advanced disclosure of the female body.

Works of art in position

La passion in a living room
La soumission study 2 in a bedroom

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