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Portrait Aude Allonville

Aude Allonville


Born in 1954, Aude ALLONVILLE starts an artistic career as a dancer and singer in London for several years. Back in France, she created her own show to be presented on several Parisian scenes and in many European countries (Italy, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Romania, etc..). Through these travels, she discovers that there is no separation between the movements, shapes, sounds and colors, this observation leads her gently to the creating pictorial process.

Self-taught artist, she won the contest Sponsorship of 2000. To vibrate its creation in a steady stream of "give and take", Aude Allonville love from time to time attend the Poissy Arts workshop under the direction of Roger Montels. Then it will be different exhibitions, including at the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, for two consecutive years.

Each of her paintings in his sublime scenery strength of the forbidden door which is held tricky and offered at a time. The pictorial language carries in the top the body so that opens with him a strange mediation on the desire as on the death. The passage of time as. Playing with color pigments and attributes fashion artist traces of forgotten knowledge in the nights sometimes Gothic drift. It makes the viewer crazy ruminant its weight of viscera. Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret

"Through my painting, I reinvented the world ... my world in order to escape the viewer by the spirit."

Works of art in position

Lola piano in a living rooom
Féline in a bedroom

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