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Portrait Audrey Feuillet

Audrey Feuillet


I paint according to my reflections, dreams and travels under the name of Roen. And it's since my installation in Paris that painting has become obvious. Self-taught painter born in Dreux in Eure et Loir 35 years ago, I oscillate between oil and acrylic, influenced by my parallel activities of Painter in Decors, photographer and musician. I like playing on transparencies, framing, and with textures. The body is a wonderful subject. Combined with eroticism and pornography, I like to explore the confines of an extimacy popularized by the Internet and social networks. In this series entitled "Extimacy", I propose a journey between shadow and light, between sensuality and explicit expression.

Works of art in position

GI Jen in a living room
Smoky POV in a bedroom

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