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Portrait Aurélien Bigot
Portrait Richard Forestier

Aurélien Bigot and Richard Forestier


The Impressionist Experience is a collaboration of Aurélien Bigot art director and photographer Richard Forestier.
The story begins in 2012, in Singapore. Aurélien while working on a creative project that aims to merge painting and reality. After studying and experimenting with different techniques, he finally found one that delivers the desired result. This project, called "Impressionist Windows" is awarded many international creative award (Advertising Festivals, blogs, creative online price, etc.).
In 2013, Aurelian returned to France and would like to explore this technique with more depth. He gathers references classical painters (Rembrandt, Caravaggio ...) and isolates the main visual features: Maroon-obscure religious poses naked busts, antique drapery, etc.

"By creating scenes that borrow the codes of painting and photographing them with this technique that mimics the texture, we could create the first impressionist pictures ... The viewer is led to doubt, to wonder if it s 'whether or not a painting. and finally, could this revelation, that it is a photograph, completely organic, unretouched ... "
It is this challenge that was born this new project: The Impressionist Experience.
Coupled with the photographic experience and mastery of movement Richard Forester, The Impressionist Experience the series offers powerful visual, halfway between classic references and contemporary aesthetics, at the crossroads of the abstract and the figurative.

Works of art in position

Clock in a living room
La virge glacée in a bedroom

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