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Portrait Benoît Cousin

Benoît Cousin


Born on the 3rd of December 1962 in Valenciennes (France). Graduated in « Beaux-Arts » school in 1987.
Benoit Cousin is currently working on two themes, "Sale Gamine" and "Ecce Homo".
Sale Gamine is an English high school student, emerging from adolescence; her voluptuous physique and her innocence place her in-between the bomber pin-up ( central to nose art ) and the manga or hentai heroin. Coming from the middle class, Sale Gamine is feisty, insolent, clumsy and has the temper of a starving pitbull. In brief a proper hoodlum in a skirt. But Sale Gamine is becoming a woman. If only the gal was aware of it ?

Collective and Individual exhibitions in France, Germany, England and Belgium since 1987.
Opening of a workshop gallery : La Villa Saint Ghislain.

Works of art in position

" Bus Stop " in a living-room
in a bedroom

His gallery :