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Portrait Camille Robin

Camille Robin


Camille Robin is a self-taught painter, born in Paris in 1970, living and working in the capital after several years of expatriation in London and the Middle East. Since his teenage years, drawing and painting have become essential to her everyday life and development, developing over the years a style nourished by her emotions and feelings. During this period, her very colorful creations stem from her many journeys and initiatory encounters, inspired by the Impressionist movement and the "Hopperien" style in an Art Deco universe. In 2010, a new style emerged, using mixed techniques, mixing oil paint, photography, mixing materials, printing, collage, and nail polish projection as a final touch to her creations.
Her favorite subject is femininity, evoking the transcription of emotions and the sublimation of the imagination in order to challenge the viewer.
Her creations combine modernity and absolute aesthetics, revealing a certain look on the female gente, drawn from her memories of melancholy and sensuality, sometimes transgressing the code of beauty and eroticism.
Her work focuses mainly on aesthetic research, her admiration for photography, her love for cinema and her passion for fashion, using various references such as Helmut Newton, Truffaut, Coco Chanel , Monet, Pissaro ...
Her paintings evoke the freedom of expression in the feminine and are charged with a real narration through stolen moments, scenes of life, unconfessed fantasies and gentle provocations.
Her paintings are the result of her gaze on women by a woman, mixing mystery, glamor, self-abandonment. The quest for a place beyond the gaze.
She tries to express through the suggestiveness, a constant search for grace, elegance and accomplishment in the feminine. In evoking the suggestion, her paintings reveal themselves as a jewel of the soul and her brush is the trace of it.
The "Fémina" and "Madame Rêve" series are an ode to femininity, an ode to women's freedom of speech, an ode to seduction for all women.
Her animal paintings of the Feline Series are loaded with energy, shocks and fury, echoing the felinity, determination, strength and fragility of each woman.

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Iconic in a living room
Rebell Yell in a bedroom

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