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Portrait Caroline Duriez

Caroline Duriez

Painter artist.

My world : A sensualism on the surface of skin without ever being vulgar. I dedicate the feminine body, my subject of preference, and try to put in opposition the wisdom and the provocation, the sweetness of the nudity and the desire of seduction. Two different views around 3 dominant colors, the black, the white, the red. My mixed techniques which I work since about twenty years, printed by the street art and by the modern art and their sights of stencils of the street, where mixs the shadows, the materials, the words and the Indian ink...
My oil painting, with a technique stolen to the masters of the "trompe l'œil" ( my training), the real forgery, the depth of the material trying to make cross all the buried feelings, the delicious confusions which the flesh can feel.
My decorator painter's training, (Van Der Kelen Logelain High School For Decorative Painting, Brussels) pushes me has to look for the sharpness of details, the depth of the shadows and the lights. I lived at present in the surrounding area of Paris, but I grew between the South of France and the Antilles.

Work of art in position

En pensant à toi in a living room
Trouble délicieux in a bedroom

Her gallery :

Erotic paintings