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Portrait Chrislen



I entered in 1988 at the Faculty of Visual Art at Paris Saint-Charles and I get to know a pictorial movement that emphasizes the intensity of the expression: the "expressionist" movement.
Painters Egon Schiele and Lucian Freud are invited in my life and will become a permanent source of inspiration. So I began my work as a painter as we build a family. Each painting will be enriched by the previous. I try to express feelings, emotions or sensations. In my approach to the canvas, I explore the contrasts between painterly models and gestural fuzzy. More detailed elements allow me to create some privacy.

I use mixed media, I like to mix different mediums, charcoal, acrylic, ink, pastels, oil, marker … Today I seek, through wear and the work of matter, to propose a work on time spent, of residual images evocations of a dream or a memory. Blurred images which emerge in more specific elements that resist time in our memory.

"Expressionism is primarily the art of emotion, attempting to describe the outside world in a more emotional language that plastic"

Works of art position

12 in a living room
10 in a bedroom

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Paintings and drawings

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