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Portrait Cindy Lopes

Cindy Lopes


Cindy Lopes is a public personality who first came to prominence on season 3 of TF1's Secret Story in 2009, where she was a finalist. Spotted while working as a charm model to finance her law studies, she embarked on what she calls a life experience, entering this reality TV program to forget her ex-boyfriend. Taking advantage of her sudden fame with amusement, she became a columnist for several media, singer, author, actress, fashion and cosmetics designer. She even appeared on stage in "faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties", played a leading role in the horror film "séquelles" and co-wrote her one-woman show "Lopes... tacle!" with Georges Grard.

Today, she presents her exhibition "Coco fesse", an introspective reflection on the body, particularly her own. Coco fesse is a journey into the depths of her secret garden. She prints her Flower Power with a technique unheard of in the world of pictorial art. Witness a paradox between lust and blossoming, where the voyeurism of lust and the wonder of blossoming mingle in the visitor's eye. Her garden is an eternal springtime. No wonder this artist was born on the spring solstice. Cindy Lopes plunges us into an audacious universe that reflects her personality. In addition to references to Yves Klein's prints, the artist's eroticism carries us away into a colorful, captivating universe blending pop art and poetry. Cindy Lopes has always freed herself from codes and dictates. She has worn many hats throughout her life. From actress to singer, model, columnist, author, entrepreneur, fashion and cosmetics designer, she has been both author and observer of her own media life, never allowing herself to be corrupted by boxes or even castes, becoming a beacon for many women.

The public saw her grow up as a lioness in a world of sharks. The famous loudmouth has a lot to tell us, and it's in painting that she expresses herself today, with relative modesty. She's never done anything like everyone else. Provocative by nature, she likes to say that her only talent is her nerve! Once the muse of many artists, today it's the words of her soul that she wishes to let transpire on her canvases. Every carnal contact with color becomes a creative dance. She is no longer the muse at the service of the artist, and has freed herself from the limiting condition of "woman object" in the instrumental sense, of course. She pushes back the limits of creativity by becoming her own instrument. A self-confessed narcissist, she has always considered it important to love herself first. Through her indecent and sensual prints, her pictorial works are profound messages with multiple readings, allowing each viewer to discover the secrets they conceal. Each work is a piece of the secrets of her soul. Cindy Lopes conveys the raw reality of the moment, without headlights or decoys. These are the tangible traces of a woman's beauty, revealing her strength as well as her fragility, in stark contrast to today's erroneous image of women, truncated by numerous filters. Coco fesse is a tribute to women and an echo of its famous spearhead, Girl Power, to finally shake the walls of legality...

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Entre deux eaux in a living room
Scène de crime in a bedroom

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