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Portrait Damien Legrain

Damien Legrain


Damien Legrain was born December 15, 1980 in Strasbourg. Degree course at the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. In 2005, a sentence about "the autonomous line" Valerio Adami allows him to find his line. Follows a desire to translate this trait in painting.  His early paintings are painted with the dripping technique. Seeking direct contact between brush and support, skinned chairs emerge an even plain background. Always accompanied by a lacquered paint glycero allowing it a strong expressiveness combined with own gestures, he defines himself as "a painter who dance around the canvas achieving a performance where the painting should not be taken, but must flow a moment to show the sincerity of a particular time. "  His early themes revolve around naked. He wants to make a series, Entrelacs / Between Them Two, showing friends he photographed himself in an act of love to how to Nan Goldin.  But to give a right to paint nude others, he starts first stage in a first series, Entrelacs / Between Me, where a double twin parade with him in an incestuous relationship.  When he decided to end the series Entrelacs / Between Them Two, he sleeps on a wooden portrait of two models.  He then realizes that he is able to faithfully represent its models with a painting he considered too thin to achieve it.  From 2007 to 2010, he undertook a series of portraits, which commands the support formerly made of wood has given way to the canvas.  The bottom remains as neutral as possible in order to focus the eye on the form, that is to say, on the human. Try to interfere as little as possible representations of the human order to leave as much room as possible to the feelings of the viewer.  Damien Legrain seeks to show a threshold, one between two impalpable.  Bruised bodies making love as Eros plays with Thanatos; female figures but sensuous body with impenetrable (in his series of Cabinet of Curiosities) these thresholds favored by a close link between the substance and form, which left the traits seen here as a creation ever movement rather than an unfinished painting at first sight. Since October 2012, Damien Legrain exhibited his paintings permanently Art Generation Gallery, 67 rue de la verrerie, 75004 Paris. In October 2013, Damien Legrain exhibited for the first time abroad to Pii Gallery in Philadelphia. In September 2015 it will show recent paintings at the Galerie Concorde in Paris.

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Sans titre 7 in a living room
Fond violet in a bedroom

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