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Portrait Didier Van Sprengel

Didier Van Sprengel


Confessions :

Didier turned his back on the girl, letting it run a blank look beyond the window of the turret.
I'm not the great soul that you believe, Syrilla. I committed all the conceivable crimes.
Formed in bitter school of the street and the Graphic Arts, I ruined the life of innocent creations only to have fun.
He takes a deep breath.
I am a dismissed man Syrilla. During the 80's sulphurous years of the last century, I was the mercenary of the advertising. A man who dragged his art in the gutter and dirtied it with some mud of the advertisement.
He expressed such a hatred of himself as tears came to his eyes.
15 years during which I indulge in all villainies, a moment, I raise the forehead. I resumes the painting and exposes in diverse shows, biennial events and Parisian galleries. Until I get to Antwerp !
One moment of ecstasy, and it is the relapse: I take an agent and the vicious cycle starts again; I fall again into the vulgar and wallow in the common!
He faces the girl.
And you came, so foreign to the baseness Syrilla…so innocent, pure and beautiful. For you i want to find the light again. For 5 years, I try hard to retreat from this loose life, I keep at a distance and I paint.
His voice vibrates when he starts again with doggedness.
Take me as i am, Syrilla, and if you can, you have to go out of my life, now…and forever.

Didier Van Sprengel was born in 1951, studied graphic arts, was an illustrator for the press and publicity. He always paints.

Works of art in position

Sophronie in a living room
Hermine et Clorinde à l'aurore in a bedroom

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