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Portrait Donald Sheridan

Donald Sheridan


I was born in Central Africa (1974). I went to secondary school in Brussels, university in Birmingham (England) where I studied History, spent a sabbatical year in Sienna (Tuscany – Italy), then I came to France and chose to settle in a village peopled with ferocious beasts.
A few years ago I started painting to escape the banality of daily life. Art adds an extra dimension to my life and, acting as a catalyst, enables me to elevate, uplift my soul (which badly needs it).
I’ve never had the privilege of attending art classes, but you know, I’m all right with that!
I’m a social misfit, agoraphobic and a trifle misanthropic. However I enjoy the company of erudite and smart people (mind you, erudition does not always pair up with intelligence and vice versa).
I know I still have a lot of work to do. Art is a permanent field of investigation. I love nudes, the sensuality of the curves, the muscular tension, the eroticism which exudes, emanates from those curves.
I love sex, though I know it is a mere vulgar lure.
I keep writing in the first person, I know. But an artist (if I may consider myself so) is, by definition, someone who’s full of himself, right?

Previous exhibitions:
Salon d’Automne 2014 – Grand Palais, PARIS - FRANCE
Salon d’Automne 2015 – Grand Palais, PARIS - FRANCE

Current exhibition:
Concorde Art Gallery – November and December 2016, PARIS - FRANCE

Next exhibition:
The House of Blues and Jazz – February to April 2017, SHANGHAI - CHINA

Works of art in position

Nude 5 in a living room
Nude 13 in a bedroom

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