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Portrait Emilie Menard

Emilie Menard


Emily Ménard is a self-taught artist who invites you to discover her sensual and feminine universe.
As a child, she spent hours to drawn and at the age of 8 she realized her first comic strip.
Her main sources of inspiration are young women whose face expresses a real personality. Wondering about the role of the woman in our society and about the evolution of the femininity, she tries to represent free, emancipated and solitary women.
Indifferent or provocating, they seem to contemplate the world with a disenchanted detachment. Her work is influenced by artists who sublimate the beauty of the woman through their work, the photographers in particular, such as of Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel or Peter Lindbergh.
She's also inspired by certain Pop art artists such as Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein by joining into some of her works of the lively and colored touches, which contrast with the coolness of its subjects.
She's also interested in the street art and in the artists who arise from it, fascinated by their sharpened and ironic look on our society, such Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, Keth Haring, Miss. Trick...
Most of her paints are realized with acrylic and oil painting.
She begins by giving a life and a musicality to the composition by applying it some effects of materials realized in the knife or with fingers. She works then by successive layers to give a depth and an intensity to her works. She uses sometimes spray cans or stencils to finalize the picture. She follows her exploration through feminine nudes, symbols of emancipation and seduction.

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111 in a bedroom

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