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Portrait François Lassere

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François Lassere


François Lassere strokes life into art

What are the most striking traces that humanity has left in its wake? What are the first signs of human existence? Paintings.... Where are the roots of our world, the footprints our society has left to be found? In paintings… On rocks, on wood, on walls, on trees, and on canvas too. They all testify to the existence of light and shadows; of joy and anguish, of emptiness… and of colour.
Symbolic paintings that tell stories, of different communities and individuals, of their passions, of their differences, of their hatred... although François Lassere has thankfully discarded the latter!
His soft yet precise hand and quick eye harness not only feelings, opposites, contrasts and contradictions, but also emotions. He commits life to paper, like a savant of simplicity in whom we cannot but admire the accuracy and clarity of his brushwork. That is why his work moves me so, why I have his art.
His paintings are like mirrors into which it is such an enthralment to dive. And when I indulge in just that, I am overcome by millions of impressions all at once... A paintbrush held by François Lassere keeps me alert, never troubles me, maybe even enlightens me... Gliding into his paintings is like slipping under silk sheets, my dreams pour out, I find a certain harmony... between night and day, between all our antagonisms! Today I know the man, and in his eyes I see all the paths I have trod, and even my roots.

Laurent Bignolas

Works of art in position

Anatomie in a living room
Détente in a bedroom

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