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Portrait Frenchkris



Since his beginnings to the club photo of the high school he there 30 years, Christian handles one by one the photographic subjects. After the self-portrait, the still life, the nude, the triptych and many others else, he dashed into the realization of a series with pornographic character. It is a delicate art, he says, to deal with the fetishist pornography in photography. He strove to find a subject which was not yet run and to look for dresses, poses, adequate lights for his directions.
He presents us this study today.
Every photo, he adds, has a story which involves technique and emotion, aestheticism and perversity. His goal, to question the artistic sense of these works and the place of a commonplace aesthetics in pornography. To each to bring his answers, his appreciations or his critics on the Art, this human activity of arranging various elements by deliberately addressing the senses, the emotions and the intellect.

Works of art in position

Bouchon in a living room
Jupette in a bedroom

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