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It is from his earliest childhood that Eric Giordano is irresistibly attracted by the graphic arts, the pencils, the colors and the line. Human or animal, it is the body that inspires it is moving or still. In this he has carnal, erotic but also because it is the prints or palimpsest of history, great or miserable, of each individual. It carries the young and the old, madness and wisdom, hard knocks and happiness. Nudity that seems to reveal is often very opaque and hides more than it reveals. It is this that excites pencils and brushes of the artist. His work has an undeniable carnal aspect. The bodies of these young women poses in turn sensual, lascivious or epicurean does not transform an object, because they are willing and active subjects or protest their eroticism and their pursuit of pleasure. Mischievous, naughty, loose they invite us to thought rascals, but also encourage us to think of the body as a philosophic object, on which weigh the search for the pleasure, the glance of the other one as much as his, social constraints and adventures of the flesh. Eric Giordano is a representational artist led by the love of the clear line and the precise curve. But lovers of words, it is not uncommon to find written in his works. Its colors, materials, lights and techniques are varied, but the watercolor effect tormented material plays an important role in his work and is the soul of his painting techniques and although colors alternate at will. His technique to water, unique in its kind, combines the lightness and transparency of watercolor to the harshness and coarseness of the material effects to stage the confrontation between the softness of the body and the hardness of a outside world barely suggested. Here is a painter who likes to say nothing of his works, or at least possible, considering that any comment acts as a filter that distorts the senses of the viewer, leads to land not his own, formate and contributes to intellectualize work, something he fears above all. It was exhibited in galleries (Paris, Marseille, Berlin) and awarded the "Prize of the original work" in spring 2011 at the Salon de la critique de Marseille which President jury was George Briata .

Work of art in position

Tyrannie 1 in a living room
Nu rouge in a bedroom

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