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Portrait Giuco



In the tought of Agnès GIUDICI-NICOLAS called « GIUCO » the main representation is the woman, always peacefull in her beauty. Whether they are scantily clad, naked or dancers, they invite us to follow them in a universe of peace and purity. They are the very essence of life and a source of hope. Animals, flowers, landscapes, still life, are all "pretexts" to take the knives. She knows how to give with strength and delicacy, share complicity and vibrant emotion. The artist can stay in front of her easel for hours on end, triturating her colors in subtle mixtures with her knives, playing with the material, releasing the ideal forms in a single gesture, in the "fresh". A work with sometimes striking contrasts, it never leaves the viewer indifferent. Multi-talented artist who knows how to master watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil, silk, ink, sanguine and charcoal... for our greatest pleasure. Graduate of the School of Plastic Arts of Rosny-sous-Bois.
Member of the Taylor Foundation.

Installed in her studio where she paints alone and takes short breaks to "judge" her work in progress, "...the freedom of expression is limitless but before acting one must always think of the emotion... painting with friends is also very rich for the exchange, because the look of others revitalizes a questioning, a hesitation, a doubt..."

Works of art in position

Nu homme 1 in a living room
Au delà du rêve in a bedroom

Her gallery :


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