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Portrait Jean-Jacques Ecorce

Jean-Jacques Ecorce


Jean-Jacques Ecorce, born in July 31, 1946 in Charente-Maritime and lives in Paris where he practiced sculpture since the age of 27 years. He took courses at the Beaux-Arts, perfect in sculpture at the Ecole Supérieure de Montparnasse, also follows those of the Place des Vosges. Personal and group exhibitions in France and abroad. The World is a fire. A burst. A source of both refractory and eruptive. Polymerization desires and expectations. Breaking wear. Greenness at a glance. Breaking the circle of soft opacity. Painting of Jean-Jacques Bark, can blend in any usual qualifier. However, we must make it the same movement of his life force. This pit identity in search of his world. Vacillating and disorder. The harsh light of vertigo. Trembling and dissociated from a passing time frescoes. Precipices destinies frail. Memory that is struggling to go down in history. That heavy burden. The release of the body never happens totally, or considerations of small negatives.

Work of art in position

L'origine des actes in a living room
Le nom du lieuin a bedroom

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