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Jody started painting in 2010 to express an overflow of emotions, hiding her work as too personal. She continued to paint as a dilettante, quietly perfecting her style with acrylic paint, then exhibiting her work to the public eye a few years later.

Jody is influenced by the work of the Impressionists, seeking to capture the intensity of fleeting emotion. She works in particular with light and shadow to create canvases that seem to breathe, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in the work.

In her contemporary figurative works, she works with a structural mortar that she sculpts onto the canvas to anchor part of her subject in reality, while using more abstract, diluted acrylic paint to create a more dreamlike ambience. Her works are like her, with her feet firmly on the ground and her head full of dreams.

Jody's inspiration comes mainly from her life as a woman and mother, through femininity, as well as dance and music, which enable her to let go and escape. It's the search for absolute freedom that Jody wants to talk to you about. She believes that life is an equation of emotions and feelings, and Jody loves to thrill and inspire us. Through her pastel palette, she aims to convey positive, caring vibes. It's her way of caring for others, and a continuation of her 1st career as a nurse.

Today, Jody is a recognized artist, who also works on commission and exhibits her work in numerous galleries in France and Europe. Her work is appreciated for its combination of realism and abstraction, as well as for its soft, expressive colors. In 2021, she was awarded the Prix du Public and the Prix de l'Originalité at Art Show in Paris. Jody is listed by Christian Sorriano, auctioneer at the Hôtel des Ventes de Lausanne.

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No code in a living room
Rouge in a bedroom

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