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Portrait Marc Le Rest

Marc Le Rest


Born in the remote Armorica, Marc Le Rest turns his back in his early age to a promising career within the Holly Church and dedicates himself to the Arts and the kingdom of lingerie in Paris. But soon, he deserts the french capitale for New York, where he becomes an acclaimed garden gnomes designer. After a while he abandons his decorative dwarfs to settle down among a bunch of drug dealers in Mexico, from where he flies to Bollywood, hoping to break through in indian cinema. In vain. So he withdraws along an Angels Bay and completly gives in his penchant for scabrous old ladies and lilliputian geishas, to whom he devotes three illustrated books. But he has to rush away from his ocean retreat and goes hiding up the Black Mountains where he ends up by taking care of the dead people. And there, stroke by a sudden compulsion, he undertakes to decorate with lace penis and sumos, bodybuilders and alligators, and quantity of others harmless creatures.

Works of art in position

Maori 1 in a living room
Twin virgins and childs in a bedroom

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