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Portrait Michel Portier

Michel Portier


I have to suit that these bodies moving in the light are very tempting
Weston said that he made nudes only with his mistresses, Weston was a wise. What he meant is that the management of the attraction is often an impediment to be free with the camera.
There is there no dirty allusion, it is a simple human obvious fact : emotion takes over in these moments happily amazed.
I found what is described in the legend of Pygmalion, except that the statue begins to be real, with its warm pulsing life sculpted by light.
Born in 1954, studies at the Fine Arts in Clermont Ferrand, draftsman, restorer of old paintings and professional photographer.
Works with two galleries in Paris.

Worfs of art in position

Glitter painkiller in a living room
Becky 57 in a bedroom

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