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Portrait Onizbar



If the self-taught French artist Onizbar, born in the 1990s in Paris, uses a style and techniques similar to street art, he refuses any label: his paintings on canvas are made in the studio and his various references are often from the pop culture. An authentic painting. Onizbar expresses himself early through comics and small format painting. After meeting with the painter Jisbar, who became his partner, he began to make great works on canvas and to exhibit them in Paris. Blending autofiction, feminine subjects and allowing him to convey emotion and through rich and eclectic sources of inspiration.

Journal of a street-artist on canvas:
Combining bomb, Posca and liquid paint, Onizbar creates an explosion of colors. It reflects its many cultural references: international artists such as Benjamin Zhang Bin, Agnes Cecile or Lora Zombie, but also music, books, films, the atmosphere of the Parisian streets, its inhabitants and the wealth of their stories mingle in identity works. An artist who has not finished expanding the field of his universe. Onizbar co-founded the multi-disciplinary artist collective "Bang Gang Clan". His works are presented in multiple exhibitions and live paintings.

Works of art in position

Champagne in a living room
Mojo 2 in a bedroom

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