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Portrait Patricia Lysiane Beck

Patricia Lysiane Beck

Painter Artist.

We think that the role of the artist is not to represent the world such as it is but such as we would want whether it is. The artistic work serves then as footbridge between the dream and the reality. It is what very well understood Patricia Lysiane Beck, self-taught painter who after a many years' initiatory course found its own way by opting for the happiness. Each of its paintings becomes then a "slice of life" where the hope, the sensualism and the relaxed rhythm of life are omnipresent. Patricia Lysiane Beck executes his paintings in the brush and in the knife by fastening at the fleeting moments, in the scenes of bars, in the atmospheres soft and felted by dreamy women in the expectation. Every scene is more suggested than described with accuracy and the creative soul reveals it with modesty all its sensibility. The artist makes a so discreet intervention in the middle of her characters as they keep all their serenity and ignore that they are going to be fixed to the painting for all eternity. The work is so beautiful as the painting becomes then poetry.

Works of art in position

Sensualité ambiance in a living room
Paris la nuit 1 in a bedroom

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