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Portrait Patrick Le Hec'h

Patrick Le Hec'h


Patrick Le Hec'h began his academic training at the Corvisart School of Graphic Art in Paris.
On his output he worked for some time as an illustrator and graphic designer before accepting the artistic direction of a communication agency.

Inspired by the romanticism and the surrealists, we reveal in his first creations the atmosphere of the visionary painters whom are: De Chirico, Tanguy, Bocklin, Delvaux and Magritte.
Invited to present his paintings in renowned Parisian galleries: Avenue Matignon, Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré, at the Grand Palais, as well as in Monte Carlo, Cannes, the Palm Beach, Chicago or New York, his work from now on recognized, which appears in number of private collections, will be worth to him distinctions on the occasion of major artistic manifestations.
From the beginning he practiced photography in parallel, developing the infinite possibilities offered by new technologies in the field of graphic design and the instruments of visual creation.

From then on, his artistic experience as a painter and his talents as a photographer became a decisive turning point in the development of his work.
His lighting-oriented staging, combined with a successful aesthetic research, gives rise to a mesmerizing "ambiance", immersing the viewer in a "marvelous" universe with strong symbolic power.
A wide open window or imaginary and real are confused, the existentialist questioning imposes itself from the start.
Animated with a spiritual breath, the creations of Patrick Le Hec'h send us back to the mysteries of the first memory, the labyrinth of the danger of illusory beauties and their becoming towards absolute realities ...

Works of art in position

Time is money in a living room
Invisible dream in a bedroom

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All photos are limited series of 10 or 12 copies.
They are available in aluminum and acrylic glass laminated presses or by the "Subligraphie" process, in a 160-degree press directly on specially processed aluminum plates.
This makes it possible to obtain a perfect color rendition and to be sealed against the ill effects of light, dust and moisture.
A certificate of authenticity is provided with each work.

For further information on artworks by Patrick Le Hec'h, contact us by email