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Portrait Ressan



Journey to the intimate

In 1977 I have the chance to meet Helmut Newton. I worked as a courier in one of the most prestigious laboratories in Paris who took care of his photo prints.

Every week I went to his apartment in front of the Luxembourg Park where I often watched him work with his beautiful models ... This experience made me want to embrace the profession. I started as a photo lab assistant, then I started collaborating on "naughty" magazines as a photographer. This is how I found my photographic adventure ground, the space of the intimate. What I started to photograph then was very little interest except that of making a good living. Then, in 2015, I clicked all to publish my first book "Paris libertin" at SE12. This book was the first photo book to dedicate a work on the libertine world and bring it to light. In November 2017, I publish my second book "Ressan Volume.2", which will be selected for the Sade 2018 prize.

Works of art in position

Rencontres indécentes in a living room
L'orage in a bedroom

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