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Portrait Shana



""Shana", is a Parisian painter. It was in the studio of her uncle "Jacquin", a painter, that her artistic fibre was born and her desire to move towards the world of creation. Trained at the Duperré school at the age of 20, then, a few years later, at the Beaux Arts workshops in Paris, she sharpened her eye and affirmed her style. She draws her inspiration from the Roaring '40s and '50s, and the fashion illustrations of the great masters, fashion designers and interior decorators. A sovereign line accompanies her favorite subject: the Woman playing with her ambiguities, and her share of mystery, a woman of character, sublimated, whose overflowing sensuality is highlighted, and leaves no one indifferent. Nor does movement escape the artist's eye, giving body, life, emotion and passion to all her subjects. Shana also works with materials, adding a touch of realism and depth to capture the light and accentuate the dynamic effect.

Works of art in position

Un été in a living room
L'élégante in a bedroom

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