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Portrait Sjofn

Art Sjofn


Gilles Copin aka Sjofn, illustrator and graphic designer born in Paris in 1968, lives and works in Montreal, Canada since 2004. From a very young age he is passionate about art and computer science. He trained himself as an autodidact on the ancestors of Photoshop and became a multimedia graphic designer at the end of his advertising training in 1986.
In 1998, he entered the world of video games working for Ubisoft.
In 2015, following a burnout, he began to draw erotic illustrations and took a taste. Lover of women, their sensuality and their diversity it is in a style close to comics and pop art that he likes to represent them. Mistresses of their bodies and defying their mischievous looks, her erotic pin-up show off their most intimate charms, a smile on their faces ...
In July 2017, his first exposure took place to the “Orage”, the famous swinger club of Montreal.

Works of art in position

Candice Spike in a living room
Pamela in a bedroom

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