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Portrait Sylvie Magnin

Sylvie Magnin


Born in 1974 in Saint Maur des Fosses in Paris, Sylvie has always lived with a pencil in hand. Margin notebooks class to the borders of the minutes of meeting, she finally goes on the big Pastel Card format in 2005 to deepen his passion for image.

The pastel was a developer which allowed her to find his way in the discovery of shapes and colors, passionate faces and body movements, expressions, and the universe of each character. Human travel is the thread that unites all his works, with carrier for the combination of black and white sublimating color and vice versa.

It was during a trip to London in 2014 she became acquainted with the Street Art, determining the trigger that launches in acrylic painting combines both the figurative and the abstract to the streets of accents spray on canvas. Self-taught from the beginning, Sylvie was based on her passionate curiosity to learn to use her painting instruments.

Her artistic approach, we can say that it is resolutely turned towards the vibration, the colors, the music that accompanies every moment of human emotions and travels she likes to share through her works.

Works of art in position

Street slash 2 in a living room
Glam news in a bedroom

Her gallery :

Mixt technics

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