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Portrait Sylvio Testa

Sylvio Testa


Sylvio was born in Lyon in 1963, from a very young age he was passionate about extreme sports and the mountains, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, paragliding, hang gliding...

At the age of 20, after his military service in the alpine hunters, he settles in Val d'Isère, starts a professional career in this field, his dream will be quickly stopped, victim of a serious accident of ski his life rocks in 1 second, he breaks the spine and it will be the wheelchair for life.

He slowly rebuilds himself and resumes sports activities "handisport" and then turns to his 2 other passions: Travel and landscape photography. He travels to the 4 corners of the world, throughout the 90's he fully invests in adventure travels, in 4x4, in quad, he travels the Saharan regions, Black Africa in an old Peugeot, then it will be the USA, he buys a van in which he will live as a nomad several months a year. 
He travels the continent from north to south, from east to west, immortalizing on slides the sumptuous landscapes of national parks, from Alaska, through Canada to Mexico. Scandinavian countries, Asia, tropical islands will follow... Between two journeys, he makes numerous exhibitions and conferences in slide show in the halls of festivals, schools...

At the same time he has always been passionate about beauty and glamour photography.
 Without really daring to take the plunge in this field, he tries some rare sessions with his friends.
 Chasseur d'image devoted a portfolio to him in 1998, the very first publication of charm, which encouraged him to explore this field further.
In 2005, he sends one of his nude pictures to participate in the amateur contest of PHOTO magazine and his picture is chosen to illustrate the cover, it will be the key to a new start !

He is spotted by a modeling agency that offers him to do tests, he launches himself. The rise of digital and Internet allows him to quickly find a place on the first platforms photographers / models of the web, contacts multiply and a second career as a professional photographer begins quickly, he will now focus on fashion photography and charm, making many catalogs, calendars, magazines until 2018, he ceases his professional activity with customers but he continues to shoot models on trips for pleasure and plans to make his first book and exhibit his work.

His first exhibition Haute Couture Fashion had taken place at the Palais des Festival de Cannes in 2017, we present you his second exhibition here in our gallery, this time in the theme of Nude and Charm in collaboration with Playboy.

Works of art in position

Lolipop in a living room
Jessica flowers in a bedroom

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