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Portrait Ting Ting Sung

Ting Ting Sung


Born in 1982 in Taiwan Tingting graduated from the Chenghua University of Arts in 2005 - after graduating in Europe, she worked as a performer, photographer, and model. She had the opportunity to work and approach famous photographers who were able to complete her artistic training and her perception of aesthetics especially in the field of photography.

The series of photos taken in the toilets of trains, I started it as soon as I arrived in Europe in 2007. It was the first time that I took the train in France and I was fascinated by this small illuminated cabin and I did not resist to photograph me in the mirror. Since that time, I love discovering new spaces confined to trains during my travels. I still continue this series over time and my travels when I have the opportunity. I would like these pictures to tell you some of my stories and I hope you enjoy this trip with me.

Works of art in position

A in a living room
C in a bedroom

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