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Portrait Veroski



Veroski shows an early fascination with all that track, if crayon and prints while studying alone and despite his young age, how artistic works are technically and graphically realized.

As an adult, she turned to the craft of costume and film sets. After this audiovisual five years, despite his skill and the quality of its achievements, she finally chose to devote himself to the education of his daughter, and finally turns to practice self-taught drawing and painting.

It traces using a Kalamos (bamboo) and India ink, with that inimitable dynamic that allows him to "throw" the paper an intimate view of his work. Then, depending on the circumstances and the media, Veroski associates of the ECOLINE and / or painting (oil and acrylic) and used for this, in addition to canvas and paper classic design, the most diverse materials such as wood, cardboard or tissue.

Beginning to exhibit his work and living very occasionally his trait, malicious art dealers away his creations and disappear with them. Very rise against the commercialism shameless and unscrupulous, she prefers to go without this visibility and continues to create anonymous and most protective intimacy. Since the Internet creation, his works are reproduced and disseminated, but also exposed and used for ephemeral decorum private parties or public places dedicated. In 2016, a dating site, offers to animate an erotic art gallery, in order to be able to exhibit his work, but also to open a window of interactive "LIVE PAINTING" available to users contemplatives. We will soon enjoy their work by this social network.

Works of art in position

Ryad 5 in a bedroom
Bauvoyeries in a living room

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