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Portrait Virginie Negre

Virginie Negre

Painter artist.

Virginie Negre came into the world in 1959, fruit of passion between a flaxen beauty from deaths of Brittany and a brown-haired gentleman from Nantes. From a early age she started to draw, literally everywher... her school books, the kitchen lino, her bedroom walls all this without her family's permission. She lives live to the full, passionate about jazz, marshmallows, the piano, strawberry-flavoured sweets, her super children, good wine, jogging, her friends, her love-life, the saxophone, everything even if it is " forbbiden". She paints women especially women but also other themes ( horses, men, landscape, see, abstracts...) She works with matereal, by associating painting and pigments, " marouflage" and mediums... a subtle mixture of practices wich she has tried out in the course of time after having learned from certain Masters the work and laws of composition. She expose in several galleries in France and in Europe. Her works is in Akoun cotation.
Virginie Negre displays a poetic representational approach with a tendency towards abstraction. Her work captures moments of feminine intimacy; hence through her painting we become the secret witnesses to private scenes ranging from undressing to abandon. Through the attention paid to work with pigments, and the creation of relief patterns through the casting of symbolic objects, the female silhouette blends magically with the canvas to such an extent that substance and form become one. The spontaneity of contours lends movement to the bodies, and it is clear that the aim is to arouse both pleasure and desire..

Work of art in position

Pourquoi moi in a living room
Réveil du désir in a bedroom

Her gallery :

Erotic Paintings