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Portrait Vladimir Titov

Vladimir Titov


French artist of Russian origin.
He calls his style New Renaissance because for him it means a comeback to the values of Renaissance and because he uses the techniques of that time. It all begins by preparation of the canvas which results in the game of surface of the canvas. Thus, craquelures appear giving his paintings an ancient look. The game of surface gives the game of colors.

He uses only three colors for his paintings as well as white paint but never the black one which gives clean colors without greyness. Finally, he uses a technique called sfumato which was invented in the XVI century. By his style he marries modernity and ancient techniques whose value was proved by the time.

For him the masters of painting are Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Ingres. Vladimir prefers nude art because he considers the woman as the Lord's last creation. She has always fascinated him.

Works of art in position

Envie in a living room
femen in a bedroom

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