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Portrait Abygail Abyss

Abygail Abyss

Artistic creation

A photo is the testimony of a story, an emotion, passing from shadow to light with a feeling that we want to remember forever.
Aged about thirty years, I was born in Île de France. In parallel with my professional activity, I like on my spare time to express myself through the photo. This is how I pose since 2015 as a "model". It remains a passion. Being in front of the lens has never been easy for me, I have always been behind the camera. Then, I realized over the years that I had very few memories of me in pictures.
Attracted particularly by the "artistic nude" in photography, painting or sculpture, I wanted to create a transcendent photo series which shall looked like me. The desire to make a shooting in this sense was very present but without daring, without knowing what to express. And then there was my meeting with him. My Master initiator. He is the one who allowed me exactly to face the objective. And that I understood well later. When I was tested, I had to be very determined. It is on a cliché order from him that I started making my first selfies. I did it out of obedience of course, but I was surprised to find that I also liked to ask.
It was after my initiation, as a submissive, that instilled me this momentum. Very quickly I needed and a deep desire to express what I felt.
It is through photography that I have found the most authentic and lively way of achieving it. The picture was imposed on me, I quickly chained several shooting with a desire to develop different themes and situations in the spirit of BDSM. I also wished to reveal through the photo all the beauty hidden from this Art. Because for me the BDSM remains an Art. Bring another look, more personal on this often badly included world and too easily judged. Very active, I give the idea, I create the atmosphere and me invested a lot in directions during photography sessions. I like meeting challenges and do not hesitate to work in studio, outside, in the daytime and at night and in atypical places. My photos speak about themselves. I do not strike the "pose" but I express myself naturally.
I draw from my memories the sensations lived, the photos are taken on the moment T which, in my eyes, remains the best way to capture "the emotion". At first, these photos were personal to me, I only shared them with my initiating Master. Gradually the idea of wanting to publicly share my universe and highlight a chosen condition has matured little by little. I finally dared. Everything went very quickly, my photos pleased but many places did not want to expose the "naked".
Only two shops have accepted. I was able to exhibit from May to August 2017 at Demonia and from September to December 2017 at Metamorph'Ose. Two beautiful Parisian brands Fetich and BDSM that allowed me to have the first returns "Public", the first positive reviews. And soon the offer of an on sale in art gallery of my first series photo "Mise à Nue".

by Axel Photo Art.

Works of art in position

Incandescente in a living room
Magie noire in a bedroom

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