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Portrait Alric Cazal

Alric Cazal


Painter. A passage in the Fine Arts in Paris and graduated from the University of St. Charles, professor of applied art (high school), professor of painting and drawing in several workshops for adults, my work claims of "German Expressionism". I studied the drawings and paintings by Schiele but Kirchner, Otto ten, Jean Rustin etc ... These artists have influenced my way of working and collecting a certain way of painting. I use a lot of violent contrasts, simultaneous and sharp lines. I practice several techniques, acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil, ink, mixing allows me to get the maximum power, alternately mixing thick and thin glazes. My creations will focus on the human body. With my character, "The white man," I show her primary and animal aspect, its brutality, its sensuality and nudity, each of the referral. I am not trying to show the body as it is, I try to express it.

Works of art in position

1 in a living room
6 in a bedroom

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