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Portrait Angel Roy

Angel Roy


My work is the result of a relationship between photography and graphic design. I use photography as a medium, such as a home base. The graphics in turn is a tool to give another form to the material. This is graphics I reinterprets the classic codes of portraiture and landscape. In my graphic collages, anatomy disrupts the smooth image of the photographed body. I consider the human being not as an individual but as a machine in motion, and I like to highlight its vital organs, its mechanisms, its branches, its brands, traces. It is on this same mode of composition (binder photo to graphics) I work the landscape, including that offered by large cities. I change the architecture, the space as I change the human being. The graphics in this case allows me to place the image in a particular context (historical, social, or cultural) or to give a totally imaginary vision.
Born in Paris in 1975, Angel Roy is defined primarily as a self-taught. "My educational background is thin, and I did not school. I do, that's all. I appropriate tools, materials in order to show the human being not as an individual but as a machine. I like to highlight its organs, its branches, its connections that constitutes it, and give it a new face. "His work mixes art and anatomy. The human biomechanics becomes a fully or partially reinvented. And subtle and poetic way, it is also the destiny of man is highlighted: death "What inspires me is the anatomical and numerous photographic negatives associated with a social context or. cultural. It is true that I like to put the audience in front of the idea of death, as in society, we tend preferred to forget "

Angel Roy begins his career in the 90s in various Parisian artistic squats. He bathes in the hip-hop and electro cultures that emerge. The walls of the premises become an ideal pictorial support. In parallel, it organizes cultural evenings where electronic music, visual arts and crafts come into relationship "At that time, I opened up to all forms of artistic expression. The painting, electro music, graphic with henna tattoo, the interior design .. "in the 2000s, Angel Roy went to live in Britain, where at first, it continues to offer its event-projects and activity of DJ.Puis he s 'towards a more commercial approach by making henna tattoos on summer markets, and offering his own jewelry designs.
In 2005, he became an active member of an artistic collective Rennais, and then devoted himself to his own artistic research on the human body through the medium of sculpture, painting and graphics. His sculptures take the form of hybrid beings changing process, as evidenced by "The Woman-Fish".
In 2008, it's back to Paris and view housing conditions, Angel Roy then devoted himself to graphic design and photography. "I can and continue to create, without cluttering my small apartment!" In 2010, he traveled for the first time in New York, and falls under the spell of this fascinating city. We find therefore that city reinterpreted in his work linking photography graphisme.New York either becomes a decorative element or the subject. "Currently, this city is for me an inexhaustible source of inspiration, with its architecture, its history, the lifestyle of new York, as well as all the creative energy it gives off! "

Works of arts in position

Entre les murs in a living room
Ma douce in a bedroom

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