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Portrait Benoît Dartigues

Benoît Dartigues


In the 80s, after studying architecture, Benoît Dartigues, alias BuD, starts the Comic Strip. He begins with « A Suivre » and « Métal Hurlant », but soon deviates in the illustration for the press publishing and advertising. In 2000, following an accident, he settled in Aquitaine and creates a small publishing company, he left after a few years to get back to illustration. In 2010, under the pseudonym BuD, he starts the series "Filles De Joie, Femme De Rêve", paintings erotic movement. He works in digital painting, disigning, drawing and painting his pictures by computer. The works are then printed by "Digigraphy" limited edition on canvas or art paper. It means under the control of EPSON France, which guarantees the authenticity and compliance works of the artist for each draw.

It is true that women's magazines and advertising, mainly, impose us some "photoshopisée" female or male canon image made ​​to caress the collective unconscious. Today to enter this dictates beauty, a woman must be at the limit of thinness. In contrast to this, in my spooky fantasy, I give women back the body and generous Callipygian forms they are entitled to claim and that many men expect. Then, of course, I'm exaggerating and I play these forms according to my desires. In the dream, nightmare or another fantasy, more attention to detail, the greater the fantastic seem real. That is why I attach great importance to work hyperrealism of my paintings to make real my body improbable.

Works of art in position

La sirène in a living room
Le bouton rouge in a bedroom

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