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Portrait Cédric Cazal

Cédric Cazal


Cédric Cazal is known for its exotic subjects, painted with such precision, overflowing their supports, extending and amplifying the work. But like any artist, Cédric Cazal evolves and moved, thereby transforming his art reflects his sincere me. Recently, Cedric has chosen to adopt the classical rectangular support and to focus the image, rather than to overflow as before. Topics also change. Besides the models of other worlds, he chooses subjects closest to us: our fantasies, painting, always with the same virtuosity, ideal women splashed colors, as well as our contemporary icons. Although the format and topics formats are modernized, the enormous talent and mastery of the brush breathtaking Cédric Cazal impose it as one of the great figurative painters of his generation.

Bijaan Aalam, President of the Association of Art at the hospital.

Works of art in position

Zaia et Zena in a living room
Samidha 3 in a bedroom

His gallery :


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