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Portrait Claude Duvauchelle

Claude Duvauchelle


Born in France. Live and works in Bagneux, France.
For twenty years, the human body has been my subject of preference. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and it allows me to translate the feelings, the tensions and the hopes of the contemporary man. Being a witness of my time I try to put in images the troubles and the alienation engendered by the violence of modern civilizations. By means of shortcuts and destruction of plans, excessive and impossible poses, I depict a humanity turned to its original bestiality, slave to its most disastrous instincts. My theme and my voice being voluntarily recurring, I vary ceaselessly the technique and the material to avoid redundancy

Works of art in position

Body and soul 2 (part 2) in a living room
Body and soul 3 in a bedroom

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