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Portrait Ghislain Posscat

Ghislain Posscat


Ghislain Posscat is a parisian self-taught photographer. In his childhood, he was fascinated by an abandoned factory standing along a river in front of his bedroom’s window. It used to scare him, but also to intrigue him and it softly shaped his daily life. An unconscious relationship with this kind of places is born, and it will inspire him, later on, to organize rave parties in magical and unlikely places. In the early 2000, he gradually gathers the musical world and the photography. In 2009, a picture completely changes his artistic path. Since then, Ghislain Posscat is primarily devoted to the nude and creates pictures in a chaotic world where a woman's beauty is enhanced and developed in an original way, peculiar or elegant, refined and provocative, fascinating and disturbing, offering something new, another vision, new emotions. Always, they ask questions… and make us wonder about them”

Works of art in position

Encre fantôme in a living room
Bunshin in a bedroom

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