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Portrait Joël Moens de Hase

Watch the video : photomosaics

Joël Moens de Hase


Joël Moens work represents is a reflection of our times. It is a two-dimensional one hand the profusion of photo (3-10000 unique pictures on each piece) and secondly the selection of one single picture and close up. The work would not be possible without the help of modern computers and software, which we are all dependent, however the artist wants the result to be aesthetic and sensual. It is abstract enough that everyone can take ownership. The artist does not want to explain, but instead, surprise us or make us feel even react. There is not to understand but to arouse our feelings. The suffering of the artist is not visible..

« Every work of art is the child of his time, and often the mother of our emotions. »
Kandinsky - 1911

Last exhibitions :
January 2012 : ART Event - Namur - Belgium
February 2012 : 29 th ART Fair Hasselt - Belgium / David Lloyd Galerie – Bruxelles - Belgium
January – April 2012 : Selected ‘Collection RTBF / Canvas Collectie’
Jully – August 2012 : Gallery Daniel Besseiche Knokke (B) and Saint Tropez (F)
September 2012 : Artisan ART Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
October 2012 : Pop-up Art Gallery, Roger Smith Hotel, N.Y., U.S.A.
October 2012 : Art International Zurich, Suisse
November 2012 : Red Dot Miami / Concorde Art Gallery Paris, France

Works of art in position

Slow in a living room
Knokke in a bedroom

His gallery :

Photo mosaics

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