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Portrait Laurent Benaïm

Laurent Benaïm

Portrait Laurent Benaïm

45 years old

I have always been fascinated by sexuality, the diversity of our practices, the never ending will of those who try to make their fantasies come true ; fascinated by this incredibly intense moment, orgasm, when all barriers, rules, everyday wisdom, seem to collapse to let intimacy be seen : the true nature of human beings unveiled. I am interested in any of those moments of ecstasy, whatever their nature : thoroughly organized by the complexity of rules and codes, the decorum of fetish practices, or the happy chaos of spontaneous copulation, by pair of more. All those moments are moments of life, they are rich of a strong humanity, cheerful, funny sometimes, serious at other times – they are always loaded with a deep, powerful emotion. Any art in there ? I make pictures and leave it with the audience whether they wish to see them as art or as pornography, or both. I do not care about categories. My work has grown with time and reputation. Today my models are those who come to me, “real people from real life”, who wish to play with their sexuality on stage. I have no esthetical criteria, as I am not interested in stereotypes, but in the desire of the human beings I meet, beautiful by nature, whatever its shape. .

Work of art in position

Jeux d'enfants in a living room
Abandon in a bedroom

His gallery :

Arabic gum photography