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Portrait Nihil



Nihil is a french artist living in Norway. He created a dark and mystic fictional world used as a context for texts, images, performances. Inspired by ancient sacred texts, psychedelic trips and life experiences in hospitals and medical research centers, his work reflects on transcendence, identity and individuality.
His images are portraits of saints and martyrs who lost their humanity to drown in divine serenity. They use the codes of religious art to illustrate the santicfication processus through and beyond suffering and sickness.
His work has been shown in two personal exhibitions in Paris and Berlin and is part of the permanent collection of a museum in Italy.
He participated in numerous collective shows in USA and Europe along with artists like David Lynch, Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Alejandro Jodorowsky etc...
His artworks have been published in artbooks and magazines and is used as a reference by street C215 and a lot of tattoo artists.
He was invited to demonstrate his techniques in workshops and lectures in France, Norway and Turkey.

Works of art in position

Tumoral dreams in a living room
La mort blanche in a bedroom

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