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Portrait Pascale Nubret

Pascale Nubret


Artist, photographer, self-taught graphic designer, I am above all a passion for images. For several years I have gathered my different passions by throwing myself in the digital image. The work that I suggest, my specialty is called compositing. What is it ?
In the manner of electronic music musicians, I sample images with graphics software to create original and coherent digital works combining photography and 3D.
The images that form the basis of my designs are all original works; I refuse indeed to use pictures found on the Net.
My technique is simple: it is to use and mix to suit my inspiration all digital resources available on the market.
Like all artists, I had influences that are found in varying degrees in my work: Hieronymus Bosch, Arcimboldo, Magritte, Dali, Geiger, Enki Bilal, Pierre et Gilles...
My areas of predilection? Surrealism and fantasy.
I had the honor and pleasure of being invited several times to participate in fairs and festivals devoted to the fantastic as the International Exhibition of science fiction "The Utopiales" held in Nantes every year or "the Imaginales "fantastic festival in Epinal.
For some years I have bracketed my work on surrealism to be interested in the world of eroticism, the female and male body. This is an exciting challenge, exciting but also difficult opens an almost infinite field of possibilities. Working on eroticism you can close some doors (there are still many taboos in our society) ... but you also open others!
With digital techniques, I can mix the real and the artificial to explore, as far as I dictated my inspiration, paths of eroticism, of dreams, surrealism, and combine their respective universes without any scruples or taboo.
My only limit? My imagination ... and control of software that I use!

Some significant dates in my artistic career:

2001: 1st prize Photographisme
2004: Publication in the book Digital Art Expose II portfolio comprised of 200 works by leading international artists of the year
2005: 2nd Prize Contest Animago Award in Germany
2006: Cover of German magazine Digital Production
Publications in magazines: The Computer Art, Pixel, Digital Design, Digital Production, It's Art
2006: Exhibition in Berlin Hypgallerie
2007: Exhibition at the Gallery in New York Monkdogs
Renk Arts 2012 Exhibition in Paris

Works of art in position

Le jardin des plaisirs in a living room
Asian spyrit in a bedroom

Her gallery :


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