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Portrait Patrick Cornée

Patrick Cornée


Patrick Cornée, born in Toulouse (France) in 1962. My painting reflects my sensibility.My works, inspired from the life symbolize the feminity, the nostalgia and the love.The paintings approached without preconceived ideas and opened forms of expressions, is delivered to the blow of heart.The shape and the emotion marry in the perfection to make a picture where the spontanicity and authenticity mix.Elegant and rangy characters make sometimes discret, sometimes more contrasting; these do not invade the scene, but base themselves with her. These silhouettes heighterred some glitter and gilts produce effects of shine and disparity between the using material.The textures and chromatic choices are sober and harmonious and constitutes a well balanced artwork.The ascendancy of the atmosphere is easily felt by this spectator who is quickly interpelled by the innocence which appears from it. My universe is without limit and overflows creativity.

Works of art in position

Oh my red shoes in a living room
Condensed beauty in a bedroom

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