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Portrait Tessa Zerbib

Tessa Zerbib


Tessa Zerbib is a painter of attitude, revealed in its strictest privacy of the Treaty in its simplicity body portrait. His characters are also always taken on the spot, in a scene set clear, with a dropout and a hint of immodesty.
Since the beginning, the artist is passionate about naked without artifice, the unvarnished face, the body and the poetry it contains. This body was already the result of a first work on the move, from life. Threw a line, abstract, aerial, a passion for static or vibrant image, inherited from a merchant father and a mother photographer, specializing in dance.
In 2003, she returned to figurative, drawn from the realism of Lucian Freud and Egon Schiele, then it treats its way, acrylic. A job she sometimes performed from photographs specially taken where the screen of his digital camera serves as the first canvas, and distortions thus obtained are then translated into the paint.
Today oil made ​​from live models, portraits of Tessa Zerbib are made in a hurry but also a growing quest for the sketch. Staged reduced to the essential, where body and face on the canvas raw linseed, hint at an intimate moment, a step back in time, the trace of a shared emotion. Serge Gleizes, 2011.

Works of art in position

Iris 1 in a living room
Modèle dans l'atelier in a bedroom

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